Starts Monday June 1, 2020. it's the perfect time!

A Workshop on ZOOM.

Mondays 6:30 - 8:30pm STARTS 6/1/2020

Mondays 6:30 - 8:30pm STARTS 6/1/2020


Join Me and a group of amazing souls. . . 

Jenifer Novak Landers 

Artist/Coach/AuthorSpiritual Momma/Teacher

Mondays 6:30 - 8:30pm STARTS 6/1/2020

Mondays 6:30 - 8:30pm STARTS 6/1/2020

Mondays 6:30 - 8:30pm STARTS 6/1/2020


Creativity is the gasoline for joy!  

Let’s follow this proven path together. It’s a spiritual journey of growth and discovery.

12 Weeks = Life-Changing!

Creativity Feeds Your Flame

Creativity Feeds Your Flame


  Step-by-step for 12 weeks developing  

YOU as a creative being.   

Creativity Feeds Your Flame

Creativity Feeds Your Flame

Creativity Feeds Your Flame


"Doing the Artist Way absolutely opened up positive flow in my life. I discovered my inner artist as a wise and grounded presence, and I AM IN LOVE  WITH HER."  

Creativity = positive energy


What is "The Artist's Way"?

It’s a Creativity Workshop. 

Everyone is creative. This class is a place to thrive in it. 

Now is a great time to cultivate your creative side. You'll need it for our "new normal". 

Julia Cameron wrote the bestselling book in 1992, “The Artist’s Way”. 

Her 12-week approach and proven tools for recovering creativity remain widely celebrated today. 

“The Artist’s Way is a spiritual path, 

initiated and practiced through creativity.”  -Julia Cameron

Join me STARTING JUNE 1st  to transform the relationship you have with your creative self.  Whether you’re attracted to healing, inspiring, recovering, expanding it, 

your creativity feeds your soul. 


1. Be Inspired and Fulfilled in your life. 

“Your faces will glow as you contact your creative energies”. 

2. Feel Empowered about yourself and your life. 

“In a sense, as we are creative beings, our lives become our work of art.” 

(Quoted straight from The Artist’s Way book.) 

5 Reasons to take The Artist’s Way with Jen

1. Learn to recognize, nurture and protect your inner artist. 

2. Move beyond pain and creative restriction. 

3. Learn ways to resolve fear and remove emotional scar tissue. 

4. Discard OLD ideas about creativity.

5. Experience an intensive guided encounter with your own creativity. 


Dates:  Starts Monday June 1st.  

12 Consecutive Monday's - with July 4th Holiday Off. 


We meet every Monday on ZOOM (video conferencing online)

6:30pm – 8:30pm.  

Agenda for each Class:

Different Topic each week from “The Artist’s Way” spiritual path.   

You will experience:

  • Guided Meditations 
  • Creativity projects from your “Artist’s Way BOX” *
  • Visualization and artistic expression. 
  • Facilitated conversations.
  • Collaboration and Connecting with amazing souls. 
  • Workbook exercises and journaling. 

Fee: $497 Single payment.  

Payment Options: 3 Payments $197each. 

PLUS:  The “Artist Way BOX”  shipped directly to your door. 

I created a special collection of  materials and supplies for you. 

**Includes The Book AND The Workbook. 

PLUS awesome art/craft supplies for 5 projects. 

 (*see details below)

$149  Value.  

Add to your registration for $79.  

PLUS:  Private Facebook Group Page

get active support and inspiration during the week. 

How to Register:

Pay Online – see below for details. OR Contact Jenifer.  916-768-5931

Special Offer for Covid19: SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM

Fully paid and half-off scholarships are available for those challenged by Covid19.

I want to make this affordable for all who need it at this time. 

Contact Jenifer for an application letter.

Missed Classes:

The Zoom calls will be recorded so you can access any class you miss. 

Get a private review with me for any missed class to keep you on track. 

We’re all in this together. 

How to prepare for the class:

  • Register ASAP to receive your BOX! 
  • Begin reading the book. 
  • Learn about the 2 Tools, "Morning Pages" and "Artist's Date".  
  • Begin writing your morning pages. 
  • Connect with me in the facebook group.  
  • Create your workspace  for the Zoom calls. Make it sacred. 

Designate your space as a “no distraction zone” with all the comforts you need to be fully present. Prepare tea or whatever you like. Make it sacred, important and inspiring. 

Contact me with any questions. 


The Artist's Way BOX! $149 Value, $79 with registration.

Everything you need for success on your path.

I’ve created a delightful collection of crafty supplies just for you! 

There are 5 projects we will create together, each unique and designed to spark your creativity. 

The contents will support everything we do together. 

You’ll have all the supplies and materials you need to make the most of your “Artist’s Way” spiritual path. 

Each project s carefully designed for ZOOM format.  

Your “Artist Way BOX” supports you to fully participate AND have successful outcomes with each creative project. 

I put my heart and soul into designing the art projects and collecting the tools you’ll need to enjoy each one.  

Value: $149, your cost $79. (Includes shipping)

What You Get

The Book.  

The Workbook. 

All the supplies and materials you'll need throughout the class. 

We will create projects that are meditative, inspiring and practical. 

You will receive your Artist Way BOX, shipped right to your door. 

It's an elegant resource box for our 12 weeks together.

The Artist Way BOX will inspire you beyond your imagination.

Your BOX Contents:

  • The BOOK, "The Artist's Way"
  • The WORKBOOK "The Artist's Way"
  • Supplies
  • "Creative Stuff" you'll use
  • Set of 5 Packaged Projects 

Value $149. 

Purchase with registration for $79.

About Jen


I use my background of 25+ years as a professional artist, a successful life coach and a workshop leader to my role as your Artist Way teacher. I bring my life-long experience with the creative process and with leading deep spiritual work to this class. I fell in love with “The Artist’s Way” when the book was first published because it spoke to my absolute favorite topics: Spiritual Growth, Self-Expression, Creativity, Personal Transformation, and the JOY of loving your unique SELF. 

My teaching style combines deep-dive explorations, inspiring perspectives, plenty of humor, a grounded and practical approach to art projects, skillfully guided meditations and powerfully facilitated conversations. 

I recently completed a 12-week class and have written piles of morning pages reflecting the huge benefits I received! My most cherished outcome is getting to experience another layer of my own growth and passion for my creative side.   

My intention for you is a life changing experience 

in a context of great joy and discovery! 


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Artist's Way Group (Full Pay)

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One time Payment in full. 

Order "THE BOX" separately. 


Artist's Way Group (3 Payments)

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Register with first payment of $199 , additional 2 payments of $199 scheduled for June 25th and July 25th 2020.  


Artist's Way BOX


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Your Box will be shipped directly to your door.