My Artist story

Becoming an Artist felt like the greatest journey I could take.

My friends thought getting my Art Degree was a great reason for me to paint murals in their baby’s rooms.  After the 4th request for a "Winnie the Pooh Mural" I got the brilliant idea to start my own business painting murals and have been obsessed with being an entrepreneur ever since.

My murals were in high demand.  I had a waiting list for jobs throughout the Bay Area. I painted murals full time for over 15 years.  Later, I added to my business and began teaching art classes and doing creativity workshops for adults and businesses. My signature class, “From Artist to Entrepreneur” was voted most popular in the Border’s Book Education Series.

My background as a sales executive in the printing industry prepared me well as I got opportunities to illustrate children's books. My first Children's Book project won an award for "Best Illustration"!  I created a comprehensive package to help people through the entire process of self-publishing their own children's book. I love helping new authors take their idea into action and create a finished book! 

I designed an published my own series of 12 Coloring Books and later combined the most popular designs into a big book now available on Amazon called "Coloring and Meditation."  I taught several workshops on “Meditation Made Easy” while coloring. 

In 2005 I got Certified as  Life Coach with the intention to help entrepreneurs use their creativity to improve their lives and create success in their businesses,.  I love using my experience with the creative process to teach problem-solving and communication to others. I offer coaching and workshops on several Creativity-Related Topics: Creativity Mastermind for Business, The Artist's Way, Enneagram Coaching/Workshops.  Along with my artist work, I continue to offer coaching services as I deeply LOVE supporting and inspiring my clients. 

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People say my enthusiasm for art and creative expression is contagious.  I've always loved to risk and grow by taking on projects outside of my current "comfort zone".  The path of an artist-life is an adventurous one indeed! 

Thank you for reading. 

(...And it still is!)

My Favorite Definition of Creativity:

"Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun."